Running conquers the City of Mozart

Versatility is the trump card at Running Festival in Mozart City!

A whole week of running will be dedicated to the city of Salzburg to celebrate the comeback of the Running Festival of Mozart City!

At the running weekend, we will once again offer you ore wide range of competitions. Choose the ideal race for you or even put together an eventful active weekend by actively entering the stage of the Running Festival on several days!


Salzburg Marathon

Experience the myth of marathon! Let the 19th Salzburg Marathon be your project! Crown your effort over months with an outstanding running experience and reward your dedication on the finish line in front of the famous Salzburg Festival Hall!

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Sparkasse Half Marathon

The Sparkasse half marathon is a wonderful goal for every runner! Experience the great feeling of a joint start with the marathon runners. The 21.0975 kilometre long way through the Mozart's hometown is definitely your destination to enjoy!

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Hyundai Relay Marathon

Motivation, team spirit, giving everything for the team – that is definitely the attraction of team competitions! Form a team of four and celebrate the comeback of the Hyundai relay marathon at the Running Festival of Mozart City.

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Hervis-10K Salzburg CityRun

Do you feel at home on the shorter distances? Marathon and half-marathon isn't the right deal for you? Then face the challenge of Hervis-10K Salzburg CityRun!

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Salzburg Women's Run

Be part of a big movement that stands for an active lifestyle of the modern and health-conscious woman! Enjoy the character of this event as a prelude to the Salzburg running weekend.

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In the afternoon before the big day of the Salzburg Marathon, children and teenagers will certainly be the stars in Salzburg – emotional, inspiring, bracing!

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New Balance 5K-Track Night

Look forward to your track running experience at Salzburg's fastest running night! An atmospheric event full of variety, with a fast tartan track and stadium atmosphere.

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One Mile for a Smile – Inclusion Run by Coca-Cola

At Coca-Cola Integration Run the support of the numerous charity-projects one the one hand and the joyful together of people of different ages, different backgrounds, from different population groups and disabled people one the other hand are focused.

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CUP&CINO Breakfast Run

Explore the city of Mozart at a run! Admire the world-famous treasures of Salzburg as well as exclusive insider tips during a relaxed run. Be curious what a wonderful and incomparable journey our running guides will take you on!

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Salzburger Nachrichten Team Rankings

Feel the extraordinary experience of competing together with your best friends or your family! Because a shared experience is a double experience!

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