This pacemakers will support you at Salzburg Marathon and Sparkasse half marathon to reach your goal time. They are clearly marked with special shirts and baloons and head for a certain finish time.

The list is continuously updated.

  • 3:00 – Daniel Kirby

    3:00 – Daniel Kirby

    Residence: Langenlois
    Age: 34 years
    Profession: teacher (sports and natural science)

    PB: marathon: 2:47:07 hours (2013)
    PB half marathon: 1:16:39 hours (2014)
    Marathons participated in: ten marathons plus eight during an ironman
    (Marathon)-Motto: Listen to your body and your body will listen to you!

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  • 3:15 – Bernd Kriechhammer

    3:15 – Bernd Kriechhammer

    Residence: Obertrum am See , Salzburg
    Age: 40
    Profession: sports scientist

    PB Marathon: 2:35 hours (Vienna City Marathon 2012)
    PB half marathon: 1:14:14 hours (Wels 2011)
    (Marathon-)Motto: “If it doesn't hurt, you are doing wrong“


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  • 3:30 René Sereinig

    3:30 René Sereinig

    Residence: Leoben, Styria
    Age: 28 years
    Profession: surveyor

    PB marathon: 3:14h (Venice); will still be bettered
    PB half marathon: 1:32h (Graz); will be bettered
    Marathons participated in: 9 (debut in 2018)
    (Marathon-)Motto: Pain disappears, pride remains!

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  • 3:45 – Günther Dieplinger

    3:45 – Günther Dieplinger

    Residence: Münzkirchen, Upper Austria
    Age: 49
    Profession: scheduler (Austrian railways, ÖBB)

    PB Marathon: 3:02 hours
    PB half marathon: 1:26 hours
    Marathons participated in: nearly 80 and a number of ultras
    (Marathon-)Motto: Running is fun!

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  • 3:45 – Fred Zitzenbacher

    3:45 – Fred Zitzenbacher

    Residence: Schwarzach
    Age: 53
    Profession: body painter

    PB Marathon: 2:51 hours (a couple of years ago)
    Marathons participated in: 55 marathons and 34 ultra-marathons

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  • 4:00 – André Lange

    4:00 – André Lange

    Residence: Bad Endorf, Bavaria
    Age: 49
    Profession: officer

    PB Marathon: 3:06 hours (Berlin 2003)
    PB half marathon: 1:26 hours (Berlin 2006)
    Marathons participated in: Salzburg Marathon will be my 278th marathon.
    (Marathon-)Motto: “It is not important, how slowly you walk. It is important not to stop.“ (Confucius)

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  • 4:00 – Martha Sommer

    4:00 – Martha Sommer

    Residence: Neudauberg (Burgenland)
    Age: 37 years
    Profession: cook

    PB marathon: 3:28 hours
    PB half marathon: 1:34 Stunden
    marathons participated in: 15
    (Marathon-)Motto: Without hard work no gaining

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  • 4:15 – Karl Rötzer

    4:15 – Karl Rötzer

    Residence: Kleinebersdorf, Lower Austria
    Age: 57
    Profession: businessman

    PB Marathon: 3:07:08 hours (Lausanne 2008)
    PB half marathon: 1:28:47 hours (Vienna 2009)
    Marathons participated in: 22 (+ ultras and 6-hours-runs)
    (Marathon-)Motto: We recover while we are running!

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  • 4:15 Toni da Conceicao

    4:15 Toni da Conceicao

    Residence: Selters
    Age: 46
    Profession: commercial employee in publishing sector

    PB Marathon: still to mark, at the moment 3:09:30 hours (trail)
    PB half marathon: 1:23:37 hours
    Marathons participated in: 72
    (Marathon-)Motto: The free will is the base of PB.

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  • 4:45 – Reinhard Fortyn

    4:45 – Reinhard Fortyn

    Residence: Langenlois im Kamptal, Lower Austria
    Age: 53
    Profession: jailer

    PB Marathon: 2:47:07 hours
    PB half marathon: 1:20:43 hours
    Marathons participated in: 45
    (Marathon)-Motto: no guts, no glory

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  • 4:45 – Jürgen Englerth

    4:45 – Jürgen Englerth

    Residence: Munich
    Age: 57
    Profession: IT-project-manager

    PB marathon: 3:55:01 hours (Bad Füssing 2018)
    Marathons participated in: 180 including 55 ultra marathons
    Marathon-Motto: Have fun and meet nice people!

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  • 5:00 – Martin Zhang

    5:00 – Martin Zhang

    Residence: Munich
    Age: 22
    Profession: student (sports science)

    PB Marathon: 3:19:09 (Bad Füssing 2020)
    PB half marathon: I do not do half of the things ;-)
    marathons participated in: more than 140.
    (marathon)-motto: If you always do what you are already able you will still be the same you already are.

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  • 2:30 (half) – Markus Sethaler

    2:30 (half) – Markus Sethaler

    Residence: Vienna
    Age: 46 years
    Profession: employee & running coach

    PB marathon: 4:28:10 hours (Barcelona)
    PB  half marathon: 1:49:26 hours (Vienna)
    marathons participated in: three – I love the half marathon, run about 70 times
    (Marathon-)Motto: “hirnfrei“ instead of “hirnbrei“

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